“Super Sized” Models

Crystal Renn is a well known “plus sized” super model who has been receiving a lot of press due to her new book Hungry.  I do not advocate people being all fat and nasty, but I think calling these women plus-sized is an insult.

Of course, they are plus in comparison to the women who walk around with feathers and buckets to keep a shapely size zero, but still, it is rather insulting. Of course, I found out that Glamour published semi-nude pics of Lizzi Miller as well and this set off a fire storm of sorts. “Will magazines show real women?!” No. They have yet to show a real anyone with the amount of Photoshopping they do to all pictures. It is sad really that the public thinks some people look a certain way when they do not look that at all.

Check out her pictures and the video on ABC

One word to you Crystal – RawR!

Then again, I am a man and I should just learn to shut the hell up.