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“Super Sized” Models

Crystal Renn is a well known “plus sized” super model who has been receiving a lot of press due to her new book Hungry.  I do not advocate people being all fat and nasty, but I think calling these women plus-sized is an insult. Of course, they are plus in comparison to the women who […]

Email Rights

I understand that companies cannot allow people to really email and blog all day, but I find the fact that companies will search your Facebook and MySpace for information about you intrusive enough. This goes over the line. They were reading his Yahoo email account even after they fired him. (Scott Sidell) I would love […]

Jackson’s Death

I have to be one of the few who is underwhelmed by Michael Jackson’s death. I love how people are coming out to pretend he hasn’t been a punchline to a kid touching joke for the last decade. I be he would have liked to see all of these tributes when he was alive. Good […]