“Super Sized” Models

Crystal Renn is a well known “plus sized” super model who has been receiving a lot of press due to her new book Hungry.  I do not advocate people being all fat and nasty, but I think calling these women plus-sized is an insult.

Of course, they are plus in comparison to the women who walk around with feathers and buckets to keep a shapely size zero, but still, it is rather insulting. Of course, I found out that Glamour published semi-nude pics of Lizzi Miller as well and this set off a fire storm of sorts. “Will magazines show real women?!” No. They have yet to show a real anyone with the amount of Photoshopping they do to all pictures. It is sad really that the public thinks some people look a certain way when they do not look that at all.

Check out her pictures and the video on ABC

One word to you Crystal – RawR!

Then again, I am a man and I should just learn to shut the hell up.

Email Rights

I understand that companies cannot allow people to really email and blog all day, but I find the fact that companies will search your Facebook and MySpace for information about you intrusive enough. This goes over the line. They were reading his Yahoo email account even after they fired him. (Scott Sidell)

I would love to know what my young audience thinks of this. Trust me, it will not be long before they are allowed to tap into your texts and surfing habits on your phones.