Response to Anita Sarkeesian Damsels in Distress Part One – Tropes vs. Women in Video games

This is my response to Anita Sarkeesian’s Video. Please check it out and my kickstarter

Correction: Laura Parton is in D-2, Not Laura Lewis. I have that information *wrong* In my video. As pointed out by user Chibifighter in the comments, Laura Lewis is from Enemy Zero.

PS F U if you don’t like my dubstep style intro music.

Looking for Contributors!

As some of you may or may not know, I have officially left Nerd (under good terms) and have decided to form my own website.  While this website is in the beginning stages, I will be looking for all kinds of contributors:

  • artists
  • tech lovers
  • writers
  • LPers
  • Video makers
  • PodCasters

The idea is that if you have a passion for your hobby and you want to share it, then you should consider joining. Being a part of this site means that you will be with an array of people who share your passion headed by someone who understands the creative and technical processes.

I have specific goals for my site and a specific mission statement. If you want to be someone who puts up written posts or videos (As these are generally the most popular types) then feel free to contact me.

For now, until the site is up, please contact me at thegaminggoose at gmail    Once I get your initial query, I will probably send you a short questionnaire/application.  I need to know that people are fairly serious and a questionnaire tends to help in this.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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