I am yet another shmuck who posts blogs and videos online.  I grew up in the middle of farm country BFE devoid of analog and cable TV. (That’s right; I was so far out  from civilization that even regular channels could not be picked up) I raised myself on a steady diet of imagination, video games, comics, flicks from the 80’s and 90’s, and literature.

In my life I have come to realize that every form of entertainment probably has its place, and the world would be boring if all forms of art and expression were the same. Most things you consider terrible, I probably love for their ignorance, vapidity, and kitsch. I am one of the few survivors of Generation X who didn’t turn into “Generation – I am now full of shit” . . . but I digress.

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  • Scott Adler

    I am a men’s rights activist hoping to start a video series on YouTube. During the late 1970s and the 1980s, I was one of “those” software guys who changed the world, but I’ve been a journalist for so long that I missed the video revolution. (I am now disabled, so that hardly matters.)

    Apparently our literary styles are the same — even to the use of the term “but I digress” — but our experiences are very different. For example, during the Hippie Summer of 1967, while living in the Haight-Ashbury, I watched the flower children make idiots of themselves, and have worn suits and ties ever since.

    May I ask you an easy, no cost, favor? I need simple intro, but I’m still struggling with MovieMaker. (How the mighty have fallen — back then, I had two editor”s choice awards for design.) If you think I’m worth it, let me know.


    “Scott Adler”

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