In Defense of Anita

Is there irony in the fact that Anita is in distress an I am offering my aid?  meh. Probably not. I am not really “saving” her and she is not in “danger” If you see my part one video on it and my part two then the idea would make more sense as I discuss it more in terms of kidnapping by unforeseen circumstances.


A short while ago, it came out that she used Let’s Play footage and other footage to make her videos and that is yet the next damn to burst in “Anita Gate.”  I do not agree with her video or her. The premise I agree with. Her, I vehemently do not agree with. She made a Kickstarter and somehow turned it into a money making venture and has produced two videos from it in little over a year. I don’t think she is a “gamer.” However, I have no way of proving that other than stating that one who does something generally does not feel the need to point out the fact they do it and how long they have been doing it. She certainly holds those controllers awkwardly in her Kickstarter video doesn’t she? But I digress.


As a person who produces videos, of course she used footage from other games. Duh! Did people really think she bought every system she showed in the opening and video and captured all the footage? Do any of you know how time consuming that is? Are people really that naive? She never said she was going to capture all the footage on her own or even implied it.

Were I her, I would do the same thing. It is the smart way to create content and no one should expect less. If you backed her project and you found this out it should not make you upset. If you did not back her project at all, then it should not make you more upset either. So, problem solved.

It is not like we didn’t know what kinds of videos she creates before she made the Kickstarter. We could see them. She made a Kickstarter video that made it pretty clear that this one would be the same. People donated – a lot of people.

Now she sees herself as a victim and that the trolls turned it into a sort of “game” online where they want to silence women. My contention is, no, they want to silence her because it seems she doesn’t know much about gaming. Trolls do not want to silence women, they want to silence, her.

It is stupid to think she would not rip footage from other places to make her video. I don’t know what the money she received was “for.” I don’t care. It is not money that was for a project I was making or promoted. My project, conversely, has yet to be approved.




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