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I thought long and hard about my Go Fund Lily account for her eye. Two years ago my wife and I were doing great. She really wanted to take a different job and change careers, but this meant dropping 20k in pay. She did with my blessing.

Shortly after that, I was laid off of my job. Our  timing was perfect on that one!  I have been working ever since but I do not earn anything close to what I used to earn. I charged Lily’s last surgery and my cards are fairly maxed out. Then I lost my platinum wedding band – then my iPad got stolen, then our dogs had to go to the hospital for some doggie flu or something and that was around $1000.00 USD.

Basically, I have had a small string of crap luck. I have never thought of turning to the net for help. Yes, I will be selling some games and crap I have, but honestly I do not pay a lot for old school games. I think the most I ever paid was $30.00. I just do not see a point in paying a lot for games. I do have other things to sell too.

This is not the only avenue I am pursuing. I just do not want anything to happen to her eye that could complicate her surgery or her vision. She is only 3 years old and her left eye already was fixed.

Had circumstances in my life been different I would not be posting this at all. Unfortunately, I do not want to leave any stone unturned and were it not for Lily, I would not be doing this.

Again, I love my dog. She is my baby-girl and I would do anything for her.

Please you can do to the Go Fund Me Page here http://www.gofundme.com/tduas

I also have a regular Donation link on my website.http://www.thegaminggoose.com/


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