My #GamerGate Rebuttal Series Propsal

I had an idea. Based on the recent NPR story on ‪#‎gamergate  ‬ I thought I would respond with my own quasi-unique rebuttal.

I would make a fundraiser (and not a parody one this time) for my series on “Tropes vs Gamers in Media and Entertainment.” I am growing to like this idea and want to explore it, but based on the work I put into my Sarkeesian response video, a series like this will take a long time to create on my own.  I read articles for about a month and half for my response to her. If I am going to do a series, then it would take a hell of a lot longer. Maybe even longer than her series is taking her.Exploding-Head

I will probably use Fundanything or IndieGoGo rather than Kickstarter and follow up with Patreon or a similar site for the rest of the series. The reason is because I actually like this idea and plan on doing it regardless if it is fully funded or funded at all. The funds are not is what going to motivate me to begin and I will explain it all in my campaign video including transparency as to where the funds are spent.

In the series I will expldownloadore what it means to be a gamer and where the cultural perceptions of “gamers” stem from. I plan to illustrate that the term “gamer” is used as a negative trope and with negative connotations that harm gamers and the industry.  My plan is to begin research and writing around the end of October. I will be able to film in the middle of December and probably will not have the first video until into 2015.

Like I said, full transparency.

I placed this on Facebook, this website and Twitter. If I get a 1000 retweets, favorit s, likes, and/or comments on this website then it will show me that there is enough people interested in someone adding to this debate. I want to puquinn_3031105bt an end to this #GamerGate thing.  The more I get, the more it will show me that people think this may be a good idea.

How fast can I get this off the ground if all my gamer friends share it? If I can get 1000 likes on this then I will do it. Use my Sarkeesian videos as examples of the scholarship and production. Except now I know where I went wrong and can improve upon it.

What do you say friends. Can we share this idea and see?
Thank you for reading and I would appreciate your support.



eBay – Items for sale

So, I finally put just a few games (not many yet). I will eventually put up more. I have to dig them all out and take pictures etc. It is just a bit easier to manage if I sell a few at a time.

Everything must go! lol  I am trying to earn money for my Dog, Lily’s, surgery and to generally pay down my credit card debt.  This way you can get something if you want it!

Google+ and its Confusion

This is a little convoluted and I am not sure I understand it fully yet.

I wanted to change the name of my YouTube channel from my name to The Gaming Goose and have the corresponding Google+ profile to go with it. I think I have achieved that by using a Google Page.


The Gaming Goose You Tube

The Gaming Goose Google+ Page


I created a You Tube channel  that is not my username to go with my old Google+ Profile


Eric Raymond You Tube Channel (Currently nothing is uploaded as of 3/28/14)

Eric Raymond Google+ Profile


Based on what I could do and use with Google and You Tube I think this is the way I wanted it. Now a lot of my past comments as The Gaming Goose are showing as Eric Raymond. *shrugs* I guess I cannot perfect everything.

Please follow The Gaming Goose Google+ if you want to be up to date on all my gaming goodness or lack there of. I plan on doing other things for the YouTube channel of my name.


Now that I am thoroughly confused about it . . . .

Ultimate FULL Response to Anita Sarkeesian’s – Damsels in Distress #1